Free Entrance for children under 10. Children don't have to wait in line. Use the guestlist entrance.
02 (paying) adults allowed per child to use the guestlist entrance.


Free entrance for wheelchair visitors. Use the guestlist entrance.
01 (paying) adult allowed per wheelchair visitor to use the guestlist entrance.

  • ID: Yes, please bring a valid ID. We may deny entry without it.
  • Cameras: Digital cameras are allowed, but commercial use of photos is prohibited.
  • Bags: Medium-sized bags are permitted, but security checks will be conducted. (The maximum size is 40x40cm.)
  • Security: Yes, there will be security cameras recording throughout the weekend.
  • Age: All ages are welcome. There may be some tasteful nudity, but this is not an erotic convention. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s exposure to content.
  • Wheelchair access: Wheelchair visitors enter for free, but their companions will need a ticket.
  • Bathrooms: Toilets cost €1 per use. They are maintained clean and hygienic throughout the event.
  • Tattoos: Yes, some tattoo artists will accept walk-ins at the convention.
  • Payments: Some artists will have card machines for credit/debit transactions.
  • Drinks: You can purchase drinks at the convention using cash or card.
  • ATM: There is no ATM available at the convention.
  • MC Colors: We do not allow MC colors at the convention. 
  • Promotion: Promotion by outside teams is not permitted. Entry will be refused.
  • Bags: Large bags are not allowed. The maximum size is 40x40cm.
  • Liability: We are not responsible for personal injury, property damage, or stolen items.
  • Pets: Pets and other animals are not allowed inside the convention.
  • Food & Drinks: Outside food and drinks are not permitted, with the exception of small sugar snacks.
  • Smoking: Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the convention. There is a designated smoking area outside.
  • Drugs & Weapons: Weapons and drug use are strictly forbidden.
  • Tattoo Area: Food and drinks are not allowed within the tattoo stand/artist area.
  • Behavior: We will not tolerate intoxication or violence from visitors.
  • Transportation: There is no shuttle bus service for attendees.
  • Tickets: Ticket purchases are non-refundable.
  • Promotion: It is forbidden to display posters or promotional materials from other events at our convention. Any such materials will be removed.

Brugge Centraal Station (Stationplein 5 – 8000 Brugge)

Yes, we have the power to refuse entrance at all times.

Yes, bring your printed ticket or on your smartphone.

Please use the normal opening hours (at the door), not the pre-sale ticket opening hours!

Yes, there are various camera’s inside and outside the buildings. Professional security and police are checking the security of visitors all weekend.

Yes, there is a special presale entrance.

Pre-sale tickets are bought online and not at the door.

Paid parking area around the convention venue or at T’ Zand underground parking

Yes, minimum age is 18 years or 16 years with attendance from one of the legal parents.

No. Once you have left the convention building via the exit doors you have to get in by the normal entrance and buy a new ticket. This has to be done because of security regulations.

Saturday 11:00 to 20:00
Sunday 11:00 to 19:00

Yes, but note there are +16 age shows on the weekend program. Children up to ten (10) years old can enter through free entrance when accompanied with two (02) adults standard tickets. Parents are by themselves responsible for their minor child to view nudity on the convention.